Connectors to allow cubicle curtain tracks

Connectors to allow cubicle curtain tracks

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Connectors to allow cubicle curtain tracks

Each type of carrier works within a specific size and type of cubicle curtain track.Cubicle curtain tracks can be shaped to fit any size of area and can be mounted either directly to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. Both options come in a baked white enamel finish for easy coordination with standard ceiling panels.

The finish also resists rust and is easy to clean, making this a practical option for any medical facility. The cubicle curtain tracks have standard 12 radius corner bends however custom corners and sizing are available.

The cubicle curtain tracks also come with end stops and end caps that prevent the carriers from being pulled out of the track at the terminal ends. Connectors to allow cubicle curtain tracks to be modified and enlarged are also available, allowing for easy customization to fit any examination room or patient care area.

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